Kevin Sandusky
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Jeff Portnoy,
Tugg Speedman,
Alpa Chino,
Kirk Lazarus

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Kevin Sandusky is an American rookie actor, most notable as his role in Tropic Thunder, later known to be Tropic Blunder, as the solider Brooklyn.



Kevin Sandusky was a graduate of acting school and got a role in the movie Tropic Thunder. Kevin is not aware when the Director Damien Cockburn has a plan with the real-life Sgt. 'Four Leaf' Tayback to send them into the Golden Triangle of Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar (Burma), as sending them into 'real shit'. This later falls apart, however, when Cockburn exploded when he stepped on a old Frenc mine, 'a reniment of colonial Indochina' as Kevin put it.

At the end of the movie, he is seen with his girlfriend at the Oscars, where Kirk Lazarus presented to Tugg Speedman the Best Actor Award, which saved Tugg's career.

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